Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PriCe & SiZe of Sh0eS

Type A

price: RM60size: 1-8(minimum:21cm/maximum:25cm)

Type B

price: RM70size: 4-10(minimum:23cm/maximum:27cm)

Type C

price: RM80size: 1-10(minimum:22cm/maximum:27cm)

Type D

price: RM70size: 1-10 (minimum:17cm/maximum:27cm)

How to measure using centimetre(cm)?

1. Take a piece of paper, ruler and pen.
2. Put your feet on the paper and mark your feet accordingly using the pen.
3. Measure the mark that you have made using the ruler.
4. Now you have your feet measurement in centimetre(cm).

Notes:*If u want the size to be more accurate, it is easier if u measure your feet using a ruler and give us the measurement in centimetres(cm). ;)
*Please refer to "Postal Charges" for delivery & postal charges.
*Please contact us via email, to check for the new pattern of shoes. (Type A & Type C)

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