Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cameron highlands ~ day 3

hukhukhuk.. me kedemaman n ketidaklaratan.. so me agak ketiadaan mood utk menghupdate.. xlarat nk hupdate bebnyak.. trime je la ape adenye yek! actually majority my frens yg join trip cameron ari2 demam gk.. sume pn de simptom yg same.. batuk n demam tp xde selseme.. but me tetibe jek selseme plak.. rsenye sbb belasah minum ais.. aduss.. seksa btul.. let de pics tell u de story..

so 4 last day kt cameron....

last day 2, pepagi dok packing sume trus.. trus je check out.. time g mmg muat2 je boot kete.. time balik smpai melimpah ruah plak.. adoii.. tpakse la bsempit kt seat kn..

muke sembab di pg hari..

minah2 bunge.. hikksss..

then ktorg g kt taman ape nth.. snap2 pics kt c2..


then weolss trus g BOH-SUNGEI PALAS TEA CENTRE.. jln nk naik atas 2 fuiyooo mmg mencabar rrr.. da le lady driver.. mmg salute rr.. sape penah g cameron tau la kn.. jln sempit je.. tp 2 kalo jd mmg rrr.. huhu.. tp alhamdulillah selamat la kami..

ni kt cafe boh 2.. try la mane yg xpenah try lg.. ni tgh order..

ni la pengalas perut kami..

k atas kiri is khai.. minum bukit cheding tea.. rase cm clorox je.. hehe

atas kanan is fana, die try roses n lychee tea.. not bad.. sedap gak..

tgh 2 of coz le i.. i try biase je manggo tea.. of coz le sedap..

bawah kiri plak, si lady driver.. amik green tea.. eeeyaaakkss.. cane la ko bleh suke.. i try trus i cpt2 minum air lain plak.. xleh trime sehh.. hehe..

bawah kanan is ana, try lemon tea.. tp org 2 cm salah bg je.. cm tea biase je..

ni time nk trun semule ke bwh..

pstu time trun 2 i nmpk padang.. de org wt photoshoot kt c2.. so me suggest kt diorg photoshoot gk r kt c2.. huhu.. ni la hasilnyee.. weee.. jd kanak2 ribena jap.. hehe..

ok sekian saje kisah cameron..

pic ni saje nk tempek.. heheh
notajari : if wana look more pics, sile ke facebook or frienster sy yep! ;)

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Strobery.itu.aku said...

mak oi banyak pic.haha. besh nye g cameron lompat2!tp apesal minah yang tengah tu kaki cem terpeleot..err, ok ke?haha

Dearie t.h.e STRAWBERRY said...

strobery.itu.aku :

hehehe.. saje ltak bbyk.. mls nk cite byk2.. minah 2 mmg cm2.. tau le die kecik.. pele'otkan kaki plak.. hikhik..

nadxoxo said...

sonoknye cik berry gi jumpe stroberi kat cameron.heheh. senyum x benti la nih :P

Dearie t.h.e STRAWBERRY said...

hehehe of cozzzz senyum nonstop! hiksss.. sonok sgt.. weeeee

aku..ibnmasir said...

ait..x konvo lg dh dpt bunge. sronok sakan ye..

zyLa said...

cm sonok je vacation ni...dpt mkn strawbery.

Dearie t.h.e STRAWBERRY said...

jiji :

alahai gg.. nk konvo lmbt lg.. hehehe... ko utang bunge ngn ak ehh.. hehe

Dearie t.h.e STRAWBERRY said...

zyla :

sonok..sonok.. g jgn x g.. heheh

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