Thursday, September 10, 2009

REFER & WIN - grab iPhone 3G


so pliss scroll down 2 view the latest entry. TQ ;)

Grab 2x iPhone 3Gs and 10x Western Digital 320G

Wanna join?? its for free..........
with simple steps....

  1. Go to the EXABytes which you can click over here : Win Iphone 3G
  2. Register a form.
  3. Put my email as a refer email which is :
  4. Check your email to get the javascript.
  5. Paste it on your blog and spread the news to your friends (juz follow the instructions hokeyy~)

then... what to do???
heeee juz tawakkaltu 'ala allah..
gudluck guys~!

1 loves:

Redbloodsnow said...

nak joinn weh. tp mls ler plak nk wat step tuh...hikhik



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